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Zyklopfilm - Wolf Hermsen
Neuenkamp 9
D-25497 Prisdorf

You can reach us in Germany by dialling +49 4101-74643! Please ask for director and producer Wolf Hermsen! In case of culture documentaries or TV magazine, you can also contact to Mrs Gisela Moes, author and journalist.

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Wolf Hermsen
Gisela Moes
Wolf Hermsen has been almost 20 years in film and TV business, as a writer, director and producer. In Germany and all over the world, he made documentaries, TV magazines, feature and industrial films. Writer and editor. Was theatre director for many years in Hamburg and in particular occupies herself with cultural issues. Special areas: theater, opera and music. In Prisdorf (near Hamburg, in the north of Germany) we plan and edit our films.
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