• Rotes Blut und schwarze Spiele ZDF/3Sat
  • Glasblumenzauber
  • Foyer ZDF/3Sat
  • Voxtours
  • Foyer Rache
  • Der Puppenspieler von Havanna
  • Klemm BR Kompass
  • Estancia ARD Ratgeber
  • Vecinos Peligrosos
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In the last years, we carried out a number of productions for German broadcasters. E.g. the documentary "Rotes Blut und schwarze Spiele" on behalf of the german TV channels 3Sat and ZDF Theaterkanal or the travel program "Voxtours Argentina" for the german network VOX. The 45-minute documentary "Die Saat geht auf" made for the SVD congregation, shows the work of missionaries in Argentina. Our last labour is the 113-minute feature film "The puppeteer of Havana", filmed in Cuba.

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Feature Films
Corporate Videos
We are active in this area since 1997. We realize documentaries, magazine and travel programs on behalf of German television, often in Latin America. Our customers list include the great part of German broadcasters. Our feature film "The puppeteers of Havana" has now an own websites in German, English and Spanish.
Our institutional clients include Daimler-Chrysler and SVD (Steyler Mission). Author and director Wolf Hermsen als worked for Dow, Kraft Foods, and Repsol-YPF.
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