The "other" America

A colourful filming location with fascinating people and much more. In Latin America Zyklopfilm - Wolf Hermsen stands as your partner. With our help and knowledge doors will be open for you.

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At home in
Latin America
"Since 1997 me and Zyklopfilm are producing in Latin America for German and international clients. We also are offering film and TV services. From our office in Buenos Aires we coproduced two chapters of the highest ratet german documentary series "Hitler's helfer" by the ZDF network. Furthermore, we made travel programs for the Vox network and the german station ARD, as well as political and cultural magazine contributions.

Another example of our work is the culture documentary "Rotes Blut und schwarze Spiele", produced under my direction and on behalf of 3Sat and the ZDF Theaterkanal. Our latest feature film production from Cuba, "The puppeteer of Havana" is a consequent continuation of our work in the region"
What we offer
The language
Abroad, ...
In Latin America we offer complete productions and offer services such as location scouting, orgaization, tecnical support, personal, or journalistic research. partly together with our local partners. The communication is optionally in German, English or Spanish. With our help, the filming abroad becomes a home game for you. ... the knowledge of local circumstances is indispensable. We are able to film successfully in the most difficult environments. Our productions standarts fulfill the technical and contentual requirements of the German television, with which we already work together for years.
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